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The clinic’s managing board has identified since Day 1 their primary responsibility to ensure every single patient/customer receive highest possible standard quality care and services. To make it simple, healthcare services are intangible and are produced and comsumed at the same time through mutual interaction between the provider and the customer. Various factors influence on quality of the product, to name just a few: human beings, information collecting and analyzing systems, equipment , etc. Thus the only method to ensure quality and consistency of service delivery chain is total quality management program (TQM).

Viet My Polyclinic selects to pursue quality standards set out by The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). To achieve these highly-set goals, the organization has to establish fundamental procedures for its core activities, such as human resources policies, recruitment system, continuous training and skills development programs for every position, error detecting and reporting system, calibration and maintenance programs for equipment, etc.

When it comes to quality of clinical care, the utmost important factor is medical expertise of the professional staff. Viet My Polyclinic fosters its board physicians to maintain their biweekly CME programs. For instance, general internists are taking CME materials from The American College of Physicians (ACP Medicine). Specialty doctors are attending their annual specialty meetings and seminars, e.g. organized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), or the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL), etc.

The clinic has installed new and modern equipment that is operated under well-trained technicians with regular and strictly-supervised quality assurance programs in place (both internally and externally) to guarantee accurate results and short turnaround time, to assist clinicians in their daily duties.

Not forget to mention, another vital managing tool is the Clinic Information System (CIS) with simplified EMR that has been developed by the clinic and its software vendor for this exclusive concept and design.


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