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It is often said “pay high for what you get high’ when it comes to a product quality. It means good quality equals high price. In the healthcare setting, quality services are commonly provided by foreign-invested centers (such as SOS, Columbia Hospital, or F-V Hospital, etc.) at high fees, and they are often exclusively for expatriates or the local with high income. On the contrary, services in the public system, as viewed by many people, lack service-oriented aspects and modern professionalism. Good clinical expertise and affordability of fee for services in the public system are remarkable, and it is a place for needed care to many locals while they have limited income and have to pay out-of-the pocket for the healthcare expense of their families. 

To offset this ironic fact, founding members expect to create an ambulatory care center (to serve the majority of people’s needs) that offers: standard quality care, professionalism, affordability of fee for services to the local with limited income.

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