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Each founding member left the gathering with a common intention: to set-up the future clinic model. Each one actively learnt more and improved personal knowledge and skills on clinical medicine, management and business. A two year preparation lasted until late 2005. It will be a long-term painstaking process to provide standard quality care at low-set fees for services. Commitment to pursue this concept was marked with the registration of Viet My Polyclinic on Dec 2005.

Clinic construction and equipment installation was carried out since Feb 2006 to late May 2006. It was designed to meet those requirements:

  • Function being fit for healthcare services
  • Design being modern and friendly to users( both patients/customers and providers)
  • Build-up expenses not exceeding the limited investment budget as the clinic is focused to serve locals with medium income

At the same time, Viet My Polyclinic also started its recruitment process. Training was done for staff on clinical skills and knowledge, as well as professional service delivery manners. This was an enormous effort by the management and its staff while most of the staff was quite unfamiliar with modern evidence-based medical practice and professional service business.

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