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Differences to remember about Viet My Polyclinic

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Differences to remember about Viet My Polyclinic

Our healthcare services are remarkable with:

  • Quality : standard quality care comparable to what common known in North America’s healthcare systems
  • Professionalism in every point of care and service delivery chain
  • Affordability of fee for services for the local

  What do patients/customers expect from healthcare providers?

  • To be listened and to be shared with others their sufferings or concerns over health topics
  • To be checked thoroughly with care
  • To be served fully and professionally
  • Personal health data to be stored and updated regularly
  • Effective care and treatment outcomes, and affordable cost of care

What do patients/customers receive in return at Viet My Polyclinic?

  • Doctors spend time to listen to patients’ concerns, to check them thoroughly and to counsel them fully on conditions of their own.
  • Clinic staff is willing to assist patients/customers with their needs in a professional manner.
  • Personal health information is stored confidentially and is ready for future retrieval via EMR throughout the whole clinic for the continuum of patients’ care.
  • Patients keep the right to request visits with their favorite consultants.
  • Fee for services is very affordable, especially to those with long-term care for chronic problems.


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