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Why do patients/customers choose Viet My Polyclinic for their healthcare needs?

Viet My Polyclinic is among a few facilities in HCMC that meet healthcare needs of patients in a standard quality service setting. In this model, patients are at the center of every activity in the service delivery chain (patient-centeredness). Just a few factors building up trust and reputation of Viet My from its patients/customers are listed here.

a. Clinical care quality:

Doctors at Viet My Polyclinic received their training in Vietnam and some with postgraduate education overseas. They have gained clinical experience through years of practice in big hospitals such as Gia Dinh People’s Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Columbia International Hospital, HCMC Medical School Hospital, etc., and now they are willing to help patients with multiple healthcare needs in an effective and professional manner.

The clinic has installed new and modern equipment that is operated under well-trained technicians with regular and strictly-supervised quality assurance programs in place (both internally and externally) to guarantee accurate results and short turnaround time, to assist clinicians in their daily duties.

Viet My Polyclinic selects to pursue quality standards set out by The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Clinic management system ensures all activities, both clinical and supporting, are delivered at the best possible quality. Not forget to mention, another vital managing tool is the Clinic Information System (CIS) with simplified EMR that has been developed by the clinic and its software vendor for this exclusive concept and design.

  b. Quality service business:

Clinic lay-out and decoration helps soothing patients from their sufferings. Patients often experience uncomfortable feeling while in the public setting (with compactness, extreme heat, poor cleanliness, noisiness, etc.) This discomfort is no longer noted when patients use healthcare services at Viet My Polyclinic, since the whole clinic is air-conditioned, kept tidy and clean, with limited numer of patients/customers at a time. The common scene of being overcrowded seldom is seen at Viet My Polyclinic. Background instrumental music played in the clinic speaker system also drive away patients’ worriness and discomfort. Furthermore, short waiting time is another good point highly appreciated by many patients.

c. Professional service delivery:

Medical staff is willing to serve patients/customers with various requests and needs in such a caring and professional way as for their own family members. Medical procedures are performed quickly and accurately with respect to patient’s privacy request. Confidentiality of personal health information is of high importance in the clinic.

d. Values for patients/customers:

Patients are satisfied with our services at very affordable fees for services, that enables them to better manage their illnesses, esp to those with chronic diseases, e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., to follow long-term care.

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